Practical Solution to updating the Security of your office door, comms room door & entrance/reception door.

Upgrade to a new Security Door

Our security doors are manufactured to the highest quality standard (EN1627/2011 European Standard) and contain the best locking systems to keep your office safe. Our security doors use a combination of steel and wood to provide strength and resistance to unpredictable attack. Our high security doors contain the highest level of insulation which reduces noise and reduces your BER rating.

Our security door range has many different levels of security built in to make sure your property is kept safe and secure.

Upgrade the Locks on your Existing Doors

In Ireland our doors open inwards, making it very easy for the burglar to enter your office by forcing the door and frame or kicking it in. Our Door Security Bar will stop a burglar kicking in your door to enter and rob your office. These are a cost effective solution to secure your doors without changing your existing door. The Door Security Bar can take the pressure of the frame which is the weakest part of any door.

Security Door upgrade