Practical Security Solutions for your Office Windows

Upgrade to New Security Windows

Our Security Windows are suitable for office space/commercial building. Your office is only as secure as the most vulnerable points like your windows and doors.

Our Security Windows are fixed into your office with the same heavy duty framing technology we use on our doors.

Our security windows are thoroughly tested for their ability to withstand gunshots, extreme force and extremes of temperature. The bulletproof windows fitted to our Premium security doors are able to withstand as much as 1,000 Degrees Celsius and will rebuff fire as part of a fire rated door for as long as 45 minutes.

We are committed to the total security of your office, from the elements and noise as well as from potential intruders. As such the security windows provided by us offer outstanding heat transfer coefficient figures as well as excellent insulation from the noise of the world outside!

Upgrade the Locks on your existing Windows

Are your windows as simple as an unlocked door to a burglar.

Window locks to secure your wooden or upvc windows from a possible burglary are now an important part of office security.

For Burglary Prevention Solutions